by sheila clancy

We are so excited to see the launch of our sustainable and ethical fashion and intimates range. What better theme than "Roots" to describe our connection to history and our ability to spread, grow, and be vital.

Buds, berries, moths and garden-of-eden imagery all speak to our attachment to the natural world.  Vintage jewelry and needlework stitch patterns call up ideas of a distant, alluring past, rich with meaning and symbolism.  Using silk, linen, hemp, and cotton, we made luxurious, simple pieces that make life seem dreamy and fantastic.

Sydney is an amazing city, so full of natural beauty, so full of optimism and energy.  The parks, community gardens, beaches and neighborhoods all pulse with life.  Sheila Forever wants to be a small part of a growing community of fashion businesses committed to keeping it going far into the future - in fact - forever.

community garden; watercolor flowers on silk